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For Kids

7 - 12


Summer Camp

for Kids to learn

about TV & Film.





What is Camp Reel?

A: A TV & film production camp for kids aged 7-12

What kind of activities do you do?

A: Propmaking, editing, filming, directing, acting, field trips, ​and creative sessions led by industry professionals

What kind of payment options are available?

A: Card (Online Payment), Bank Transfer

payment plans available

Is after-camp care provided?

A: It’s not included in the cost but could be arranged at an ​additional fee

Do I get a discount if I send more than one child to camp?

A: Yes, sibling discount = 5% off camp cost

All discounts are transferrable, redeemable once, not ​stackable

Will there be events leading up to camp?

A: Yes, stay tuned to the page to keep informed

What is included in Camp Reel?

A: Lunch, Activity Material, Sessions

Films Created by Campers Last Year

STOP MOTION animated MOVIE CREATED at camp reel 2023

live action movie CREATED at camp reel 2023


We would love to ​hear from you!

Phone: (876) 335-2401


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